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Marmi Futerno
Marmi Futerno

We are natural stone fabrication company producing high quality products of marble, granite and engineered stone. We also supply project-based stone materials and other products from our partners to meet the highest standards requirements. Click the button below to send us your custom project inquery, and get a reply shortly after.

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Natural stone production

What is natural stone and how it’s delivered? Each slab of stone is going through the long process of quarrying and processing which holds hundreds of hours of qualified human labor and hi-tech heavy machinery.

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Once the stone is delivered to us, we begin processing works in strict accordance with highest industry standards and specific project requirements. Explore the process of stone production at our factory.


Engineered stone

Engineered stone gives the quality of natural stone with the color and texture variety for any kind of custom design project. We have an amazing experience producing goods of Silestone and Dekton by Cosentino. We use Cosentino's world-leading quality materials for their unique properties to satisfy most diverse interior project demands.

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Bisnode AAA Credit Rating

Marmi Futerno belongs to the highest class in the Rating Classification (AAA). This level of classification is achieved only by 3.8% of all companies in Estonia.

Ettevõtluse Arendamise Sihtasutus

Ettevõtluse Arendamise Sihtasutus on andnud jaatava vastuse Marmi Futerno OÜ taotlusele järgmise toetusmeetme raames:

Perioodil 1.05.2021 kuni 31.10.2022 viiakse Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fondi kaasrahastamisel läbi projekt 2014–2020.4.04.21-1803 — «Marmi Futerno arenguprogramm 2021–2023». Projekt on saanud tuge EASi ettevõtte arenguprogrammi toetusmeetmest.

Projekti lühikirjeldus: Arenguprogrammi eesmärgiks on laiendada ettevõtte tegevust. Laiendus hõlmab nii tootearendust, kui ka uue tootmishoone väljaehitamist. Tootmise laiendus võimaldab suurendada ekspordikäivet ja siseneda uutesse äri segmentidesse.

Eesmärk: „Saavutada arvestatav turupositsioon laevasisustuse tootjana, kes pakub kvaliteetseid ja standarditele vastavaid tooteid. Tulemus: Tooteportfellis on suurenenud omatoodete väikeseeria tootmise osakaal ja suurenenud lisandväärtus.

Toetuse summa: 291 240 €

Ettevõtluse Arendamise Sihtasutus

Ordering process

Marmi Futerno guarantees the highest quality of marble and granite materials and first class fabricating quality of custom products. Order is completed based on exact drawing and as common practice measures are taken by representative of Marmi Futerno in order to ensure our full responsibility for the product. Customer only needs to choose the most liked stone and form the task for production to us.

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