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Enter the stone world of Marmi Futerno

Marble, granite, quartzite, engineered stone & ceramics – all you need in stone, we fabricate for you.


Stone instinct

We fabricate stone – marble, granite, quartzite, engineered stone and ceramics – turning nature into naturally yours. Our know-how is deeper than experience and skill.

We have been watching, touching and feeling stone for decades and over time have developed a special instinct. Stone Instinct.

For everything we create – be it worktops, fireplaces or whole areas of floors and walls decorated with stone – we make sure to include magic in every detail.

Our mission

To deliver the magic of stone, one of nature’s priceless gifts.

We believe natural stone provides unparalleled value to those who let it into their lives.

Our greatest pleasure comes from leading our customers from the dream of what stone can be to the reality of having their dream stone.

Attention to detail

Colour, shape, size, weight or density – we know every aspect of the stone and implement it according to your wishes.

The secret to craftsmanship is a skill paralleled by passion, attention to detail, a dare to dream, and a certain type of instinct.

For us, it’s Stone Instinct.

Results reflect our dedication

We are dedicated and work every day to make your dreams of the perfect space come true. Stone is a timeless and ecological material that needs an expert hand.


Kitchen & design studios

Construction companies

Furniture producers

Turnkey companies

If you are an architect, a project manager, or an owner of a furniture factory – be confident in reaching out to us. We speak the same language, we are as technically competent as you are, and we’ve probably accomplished dozens of projects like this one before. We know the pitfalls and we can go through any storm hand-in-hand with you, making unimaginable designs come to life. Our aim is to be up to your standards.

Contact us

What defines us?

While working with stone, you need to put your thought into the process⁠. Intuition on how to craft each material is highly important.

This is something that can’t be achieved with machines alone – the creativity of a skilled crafter, the touch of a human hand, the instinct of the human soul.

That’s Stone Instinct – where heart and hand meet to create one-of-a-kind crafted pieces to our customers.


In Marmi Futerno we are professionals who know our field inside and out. And most importantly, we know and feel our stones. Our team values trust and quality and is ready for all-round cooperation to bring to life just the kind of idea you dream of.

Marmi Futerno is creating a digitalisation road map. Evaluating the necessity and possibility of digitalisation applications in the company, creating an action plan. The amount of the grant is €7,965.

The project is supported by the funds of the European Regional Development Fund