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10 Warranty

The lifetime of stone surfaces is eternal if correctly fabricated and used.

Our work method and information found on this page are meant to ensure eternal life of your magnificent stone worktops.

Marmi Futerno guarantees first quality stone material and professional methods of stone fabrication and installation.


Stone quality guarantee

Marmi Futerno imports and fabricates only first quality stones. Our natural stone materials are carefully selected, not painted and will not bleach in time. Stones that require resined surface are processed with highest quality standards and resins do not deteriorate in time.

All engineered stone and ceramics brands that we work with are made in the EU and certified. Only first quality stone slabs are imported.

It is important to understand that quality assessment of natural stone and manmade stone differ significantly. For some natural stones it is normal to have “flaws”, while manmade stones are evaluated by objective criteria and perfection is expected.

The more exclusive the natural stone, the more “issues” it may have. Cracks, fillings and impurities are characteristic to some exclusive marbles and quartzites. Discoloration, rust or fragments of other natural component might be found in some natural stone surfaces.

If a highly predictable result is expected, we recommend using sintered stone, ceramics or engineered stone.

If the heart truly lies towards natural stone, we are more than happy to lead the path to the world of natural wonders. However, we will not be making claims to nature that created the stone with certain unique characteristic 200 million – 1.6 billion years ago.


Marmi Futerno provides standard general warranty for two years after installation. However, stone is made to last for a lifetime.

Marmi Futerno guarantees first quality stone material and professional methods of stone fabrication and installation.

If a mistake is done on Marmi Futerno side, we guarantee that resolving the situation will be taken as a first priority and at our cost.

If there is a mistake in stone project on Marmi Futerno side or the stone breaks during transport, carrying in or installation process, Marmi Futerno will deliver a new stone to customer as soon as possible fully at companys cost. Marmi Futerno does not offer additional financial compensation to Customer if such a situation happens.

How to avoid risks and ensure longevity of stone worktops:

  1. Choosing a quality furniture producer and installer. Stone is laid on the cabinets and must have a strong base that is perfectly in level. Furniture material used should be durable, not expanding, moisture absorbing etc. It is not under warranty if stone cracks as a result of poor quality furniture that is moving, expanding or collapsing under stone weight.
  2. A thought through design:
  • Plan a reasonable overhang for the seating area: 150-300 mm depending on stone type and thickness;
  • Choose suitable appliances – reasonable cut-out dimensions that fit the cabinet design (stone frame minimum 55 mm from each side, the more the safer).
  • In case of fragile natural stone, avoid having large areas of stone visible from both sides, because then too much protective net has to be removed from back side of the stone.
  • When there are large cutouts, long worktops or difficult carry-in process, choose a thicker stone (20 mm instead of 12 mm; 30 mm instead of 20 mm or miter glued edge that is supported by honeycomb or other substrate material).

3. Appropriate conditions and usage

  • Do not place heavy items, stand or sit on the stone areas where there is a large overhang or on the areas that are next to large cut-outs like cooktops or sinks. Do not place excessively heavy items on stone shelves.
  • Natural stones need to be impregnated for protection against stains. Stains may appear on some natural stones if acids or highly pigmented liquids are left on the surface. More information: stone care.
  • Silicone seams may require renovation. Usually silicone seams last for years, but frequency of renovation depends on how the surface is used, what is the humidity in the room etc. Marmi Futerno does not give warranty on silicone seams as longevity depends on practice of use.



If you face a problem that is not under warranty, you can still contact us and get help. Our advice for solving the problem is free of charge.

If our service is required for fixing the problem, an hourly service charge will be proposed and a maintenance time scheduled.

  • Stone is stained – we can improve, but not totally resolve the issue
  • Scratches – we can improve, but not totally resolve the issue
  • Chips – we can fix the chips, depending on material the result will be perfect or pleasant
  • Silicone seams – we can renovate
  • Cracks – we can fix, usually the result will be visible, but pleasant and usable