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08 Installation

When it comes to installations, we have done it all and been all over the world executing any kind of stone work from simple kitchen tops to the most sophisticated staircases or fancy restaurants on the cruise ships.


Our installers are not only strong stone lifters, but also skilled craftsmen. They may need to fix something up on site and be resourceful inventors when any kind of problem-solving needs to take place. Mixing, matching, gluing and polishing the stones to achieve a magical final look.

Installation work is quite different in commercial and residential projects.

In the residential sector, installation of kitchen tops is the easiest part of work. In addition to kitchen top stone installations, Marmi Futerno can take care of all stone installation works needed in the apartment or a villa, including decorative walls and floors, stone sinks, columns, fireplaces and stairs.

Stone tiling work is recommended to outsource from professional tiling specialists and stone window boards are often installed by the builders.

In the commercial sector the installation service varies on land and sea.

The common criteria is a tight deadline, “opening tomorrow” and working everybody together in the same area – carpenters, painters, electricians, stone guys – heads and tails mixed up.

If there is a good site manager and a project manager, then life is a bliss, but from time to time it happens to be a total mess where no one seems to be in charge.

Then site workers, having project managers who are not on site on the phone, are working things out on their own. We are grateful for those installers and project managers who always manage to work things out and complete on time. We have successfully fulfilled many projects that were more than challenging, but got successfully completed and are delighting the public eye on a daily basis, serving as a heart warming memory of overcoming the obstacles.