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About us

Stones take time to evolve and are uniquely shaped by their environment. The same holds true for Marmi Futerno. Founded in 2013, Marmi Futerno’s owner and many of its team members have been developing their Stone Instinct for a quarter of a century and more.

Considered stone masters by our friends, we prefer to call ourselves apprentices. We’re learning all the time, ignited by the continued development of our professional skills.
Working side by side with stone, we are humbled by its raw power and majesty, awed by its untapped magic. We do not force it into shape. Instead, we remove excess and let its shapes and colours tell us what’s inside. Throughout the creative process, we work and watch as the stone’s secrets and surprises reveal themselves.
From designing to engineering. From details to a whole concept. This is what drives our company, makes us learn from day to day activities and execute even the hardest tasks.


Like stone, our team is still evolving, still taking shape. We’re committed to our relationship with stone, learning it and understanding it more and more each day. The depth of our connection is as endless as the variations of stones we work with.

One has to know and love stone to deliver unrivaled craftsmanship.
Every member of our team is a master of their own trade, and plays a critical role when it comes to meeting the expectations of our customers. Combining all the working hours and skills of each master is how we bring projects to life.
Our team puts great effort into delivering the perfect product for our customers. Every order is important to us, requires a personal approach and is made with care and precision. Every stone is a unique tailor made product made specially for a customer.

Administration and project managers

Measuring and installation

  • Jaan

    Measuring specialist Sweden & Denmark (+372) 5886 3555 [email protected]

  • Aigar Mets

    Measuring specialist Estonia & Finland (+372) 517 1145 [email protected]

  • Mario

    Installation specialist Estonia & Finland [email protected]

  • Tiit

    Installation specialist Estonia & Finland (+372) 5199 3115 [email protected]

  • Steven

    Installation specialist Sweden (+372) 5474 0300 [email protected]

  • Theimo

    Installation Specialist Sweden

  • Jaan

    Installation specialist Sweden

Would like to work for us?

Even if we do not have active job offers at the moment, we are always interested in looking for new specialists.
Send a motivational letter describing yourself why you would like to work at Marmari Futerno along with your CV and one of our personnel will contact you shortly

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Production: CNC & Handicraft

  • Taavi

    CNC programmer

  • Kristjan

    CNC operator & CNC team leader

  • Anton

    CNC operator

  • Dmytro

    CNC operator

  • Taavi

    CNC Operator

  • Mihhail


  • Yevhen

    Craftsman & Team leader

  • Taisto


  • Vladimir


  • Dmytro


  • Aleks

    Warehouse & packing