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05 Technical drawings

After measuring, the CAD drawing of stone parts is being made. All appliances, edge profiles and other special requests or solutions are added to the drawing. The drawing, possibly with specifying questions, is then sent to the client for reviewing and confirmation. Ideally, there is not much to modify and the drawing can be confirmed and sent on to the production.


If the information was partly not available during measuring, the specialist will not be able to complete the technical drawing and the project manager will need to send several emails, asking different questions from the client. Then at least three persons will be working on the drawing and modifying it several times. This may lead to mistakes from redoing the drawing and cause a delay in production and installation times. Also in such cases, the customer has more responsibility for the drawing and may have a higher cost in the end.

That is why our project manager will be collecting all information from the client before making the production drawing. This is one of the keys for perfect execution of the project and an overall positive outcome.

If measuring is not required and project drawings are already available, then our project manager will analyze the drawings, create technical solutions where needed and transform the existing drawings and information into production drawings.

With advanced designs and high-volume projects, the key to success is effective communication between our project manager and a specialist on the client’s side.

In most cases, we are able to create a technical solution for your task. It may be related to matching stone with other materials like metal, glass, or veneer; needing a light-weight solution; needing a back-lit stone; or any other extraordinary challenge.

Our strength lies in the attitude that it is our responsibility to take care of all stone related issues, deliver any stone material, develop technical solutions where needed, fabricate a high quality product and install it on time.

Visit our technical solutions page to see more information about the variety of work and solutions that we are able to develop and execute.