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03 Material supply

Our aim is to fulfil your dream, so, if necessary, we will literally “take a trip around the world” to find your gemstone and present to you the best offer available.


The material of your choice may be a readily available stone or something very special that we need to source and possibly spend a great deal of time and effort finding.

Many stones are ready in stock and we can move to the production stage as soon as the drawing is confirmed.

You want to choose carefully your stone and despite the fact that our logistics usually take no more than two weeks, we may be looking for stones and confirming the choice with you for much longer. We may also need to wait some weeks until the desired material is cut to slabs from the block or the desired surface (honed, polished, brushed, waterjet etc) is given to slabs.

There are more than 20 000 natural stones, and each one of these comes in batches that are unique in their appearance. Perhaps there is a specific stone that you or your customer always wished for. We are here to help you find it and have it.

Most stones are delivered so fast that you won’t even notice this stage.

The selection of natural stone is based on a photo rather than a sample. As stone varies so much in colour, pattern and character, a photo provides a more precise image of what the stone looks like. A sample, on the other hand, only shows a small corner of the stone. Quite often, that sample is not from the same block, but is just an indicator of the stone’s general features.

Once we’ve found your perfect match, it is important to book it as soon as possible and confirm your purchase with a prepayment.

Natural stones are unique. With this in mind, please note that the longer it takes to confirm your decision, the greater the possibility that your chosen beauty is no longer available.