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Stones take time to evolve and are uniquely shaped by their environment. The same holds true for Marmi Futerno. From designing to engineering. From details to a whole concept. This is what drives our company, makes us learn from day to day activities and execute even the hardest tasks.

Marmi Futerno is a team of experienced professional stone masons. Some of us have been working in this field for more than 20 years, and we all have what it takes to make your project stand out. We try to make your journey with us easy and let you enjoy the process on the way to obtaining your final product.

The easiest way is to send an email to [email protected] with the project information. In order to get a more precise reply, please provide us with this information. If you are not able to fill in all the information, that is not a problem. Just send as much as you have.

It depends on the material availability. Usually, the delivery time is from 4 to 6 weeks. If the stone is in stock and a project is relatively small, then the order may take about 2 weeks from confirmed production drawing. The best practice is to order material at the same time as the furniture is ordered. This ensures the order can proceed straight to production after measuring is done and the production drawing is confirmed.

There are four main stone categories that we process: natural stone, engineered stone, ceramics and terrazzo.

Natural stone implies marble, granite, quartzite and many other types of stone. These stones are meant to be maintained and looked after, as their natural characteristics mean that they absorb liquids and oftentimes can be easily scratched.

Engineered stone, on the other hand, does not require maintenance. Engineered stone is generally more durable, but it lacks the charm and uniqueness of natural stone. To read more, click here.

We have the samples distributed to our partner’s showrooms in Estonia, Sweden and Finland. You can also contact us directly to enquire about samples or visit our factory. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about the showroom locations or to book a meeting at our factory.

The average stone slab length is approximately three meters. You don’t need to worry about stone slab dimensions. Our expert will recommend the best solution, taking into consideration the need for seams when your project’s size or design require them. You will always have a say in confirming the final solution.

Engineered stone dimensions: 305×140 cm; 320×152 cm
Natural stone dimensions: 260×150 – 330×190 cm

Don’t panic! In most cases, a cracked stone can be fixed and does not even need to be replaced.
Please send photos and a description of what happened, and we will find a solution together. For more info, click here.

Marmi Futerno does not offer stone maintenance service to stones bought elsewhere. It is recommended to contact your supplier for assistance.

For B2B customers with Marmi Futerno contract, the general rule is 50% prepayment after the order confirmation, and the last payment should be made within 7 days after installation.

For private customers or single purchases the payment term is 50% prepayment after the order confirmation and 50% before installation.

The standard product warranty lasts two years since the day of installation. This warranty covers fixing the issues related to our production and installation, for example if there is an issue with glued products – miter edge or stone sink.

Engineered stone by brands such as Cosentino, Technistone, Caesarstone and others provide material warranty for up to 25 years. Some engineered stone suppliers require warranties to be activated by the end customer. These Terms & Conditions vary from supplier to supplier.

Activate your warranty for Silestone and Dekton products here.

If you have a claim, please provide your project manager with information, so we can help you out with resolving the issue.

Warranties do not cover exploitative damage. Marks of common wear like silicone issues, stains or scratches on the surface are not covered by warranty.

Warranties do not cover the damage caused by furniture movement under the stone or movement of the building. Please take care that chosen contractors and furniture makers provide high quality for their work as this is the key to longevity of the whole solution for kitchen or bathroom.

From our side we promise a high quality of stone, fabrication and installation and if any mistake is caused by our team, it will be our priority to solve it.

We do not cover the compensations for waiting time or “moral damage” in case the stone breaks or there is a mistake on our side. But we guarantee that you will have a correct high quality product that you ordered.

The furniture must be in place for measurements to be made and cutouts to be arranged. Also, the precise measurement of appliances and the precise location of cutouts is essential.

Moving or changing furniture after measuring delays the delivery time and requires the measuring to be done again.

The installation team must have road access to your apartment. The working area has to be clean and free of construction materials/tools. We advise you to cover your floors before installation, as our team works wearing safety equipment which includes heavy duty boots.