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01 Consultation

Having one of our stone experts at your side will ensure that chosen stone material meets your project’s requirements and gives you confidence in reaching a sensible decision.


We designed our Products page to help you take the first steps towards material selection in the versatile stone world. On this page, we provide quick answers to the most common questions:

1. Stone type: natural stone, engineered stone, ceramics

Are you a natural stone lover or you prefer engineered stone? Perhaps it does not make a difference to you whether the stone is natural or artificial?

Some natural stones need impregnation, is it ok for you or feels like a burden?

If you don’t like impregnation, leave out of your selection all marble, limestone, travertine and terrazzo materials.

Is your stone exposed to direct sunlight or you are placing extra hot items directly on the worktop? In that case, leave out all engineered stones and go for natural stone or sintered stone (ceramics).

2. Visual aspects of stone - colour range, veins and other characteristics

When you already know the stone type preference, you can delve into the world of colours and patterns. From pure white to most dramatic dark contrasts and veins.

3. Price range - quickly exclude inappropriate selections based on budget

You have a limited budget or on the contrary, are looking for most exclusive stones? Narrow down your selection based on material m2 price.

Fully aware of the importance of perfect execution of your order, we intend for the stone you receive from us to delight you and indulge your senses for years to come.