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04 Measuring

We take the measurements and make a production drawing for the stone. This takes off the responsibility of your or your carpenter’s shoulders.


Prior measuring the customer chooses / confirms

1. Stone

  • Name (e.g. Bianco Carrara)
  • Surface (e.g. polished/ honed)
  • Stone thickness (e.g. 20mm/ 30mm/ mitre edge etc.)

NB! It is strongly not recommended to change stone thickness after measuring as it may change the overall project dimensions and cause mistakes.

2. Edge profile

  • Choose from list of available profiles
  • Mark visible edges

NB! Special edge profile may affect parts of the project solutions, so measuring specialist needs to count with that information.

3. Overhang

  • Stone overhang from cabinets (e.g. 10mm/ 20mm)

NB! We do not recommend designs with overhang 0. The more mm, the safer. Walls, furniture, stone and everything else combined hardly ever have 0 tolerance.

4. Appliances

  • Sink and hob model (perfect if .DFX drawing can be sent)
  • Mark on drawing in which cabinet the cutout is located

5. Cut-outs / holes

Information about other cut-outs and their location (e.g. pop-up, socket holes, soap- pump, tap hole etc.)

6. Other

All other requests and additional information.

What we need for successful measuring

Furniture & surroundings

Furniture is completely installed and no changes are made within the period after measuring and prior to stone installation. This means that after measuring was done, walls are not tiled or plastered, cabinets are not moved and side panels of the cabinets are not added or removed.

Level & support

Cabinets are mounted in level and there is strong support prepared for stone.

NB! If the cabinets are not in level or the support is not strong enough, the stone can crack and it will be Customers responsibility. Especially pay attention to support near sink and hob cutouts where the stone is most fragile.


Handles for cabinets need to be installed before measuring.


Hobs & sinks

If hob or sink need measuring, they must be available for measuring at location. We don’t take appliances to factory. Best if you can send us a .dxf file for appliances.

Booking & cancelling

It is best to book the measuring time about two weeks in advance to ensure there are times available in our measuring specialist’s schedule.
If agreed measuring is canceled less than three days before scheduled measuring time, measuring cost may be charged.




Being prepared for measuring is essential. If the information listed above is all available to measuring specialist, they can make the complete production drawing after measuring which takes the risk of mistakes to its smallest. This way, the drawing moves to production stage very quickly and the delivery is fast.

If the information is partly not available, the project manager will need to send several emails asking different questions from the client.

Partial information will significantly delay the start of the production and may lead to mistakes from redoing the drawing or communication error. Also in such case the customer has more responsibility for the drawing and may have a higher cost in the end.

PS: The customer is taking unnecessary risks if they insist that a measuring specialist takes the dimensions when the furniture is not completely installed.