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06 Production

Our production department has two divisions: the machinery division and the handcraft division.
Since the 1980’s, CNC has paved a steady path into every modern stone factory. Nowadays, they are indispensable. Yet, a human touch is still required. It’s not just technical skill that is required.
An intrinsic connection with the stone’s character is essential to utilize proper handling methods. We call it Stone Instinct.


Machinery division


Thanks to waterjet technology, our team has been able to take bespoke projects to a new level. One look at our portfolio reveals jaw dropping projects completed thanks to the precise way in which our masterful team works with the waterjet to cut and pierce stone.

Since 2014, large-format porcelain tiles have been gaining in popularity. This has kept our masons on our toes. Working with extra thin large-format porcelain tiles is completely different from working with natural stone. Some tiles will cut and pierce very easily and quickly. Some will not cut easily and may crack. Others may be processed only with extremely slow speed.

Thanks to our delicacy and Stone Instinct, we are skilled stone fabricators with the background and know-how to adapt and thrive, staying in step with the newest materials and latest technology.


We have high-tech CNC saws, a CNC working centre,
a waterjet, and a polishing line. Our top-of-the-line multifunctional 5-axis machinery cuts the most intricate patterns and completes the most complicated & advanced stone designs to deliver the dreams of our most demanding customers.

The impassioned minds and skilled hands of our team members bring to reality the dream piece for your interior.

Handcraft division

Ten years on, we’ve got the latest high tech machinery, and a highly skilled team to work this machinery. Even more so, we’ve got our team of craftsmen. That’s what defines us at Marmi Futerno.

Testaments of timeless craftsmanship can be seen in centuries-old monuments, churches, fortifications, and other architectural gems. Our mission is to emulate that craftsmanship and pass it on to the next generation and beyond. There are craftsmen with over 25 years of stone crafting experience in our team. Every year we train youngsters as apprentices with an intention to advance the craft.

While working with stone, you need to put your thought into the process⁠. Intuition on how to craft each material is highly important. This is something that can’t be achieved with machines alone – the creativity of a skilled crafter, the touch of a human hand, the instinct of the human soul. That’s Stone Instinct… where heart and hand meet to create one-of-a-kind crafted pieces to our customers.

The secret to craftsmanship is a skill paralleled by passion, attention to detail, a dare to dream, and a certain type of instinct. For us, it’s Stone Instinct.