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Invisible seams/epoxy seam system

When the furniture has a strong support or it is for example a solid wood furniture, we can perform an improved technology of the seam setting. Please note that the seams are not actually invisible, although we strive towards the most advanced result. Appearance of the final result strongly depends on furniture and furniture installation quality.


It is not possible to achieve a good result when the furniture has a very light construction and is “wobbly” or when the furniture is not installed in perfect level. The idea of the epoxy seam is that the substratum is strong, completely in level and it will remain so after the 150–300 kg stone is placed on it. If the substratum is unsteady and the floor or furniture sinks under the stone weight, the epoxy seam may break up and also damage the stone edges around the seam. In that case, it is safer to choose the elastic silicone seam.

Stone is prepared for epoxy seam in the factory and the decision must be known at the stage when production drawing is being made. This solution cannot be added to the project spontaneously.