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Vein-matching and pattern matching

For vein matching and pattern matching a special CAD/CAM-software is used. The stone slabs are photographed, then the stone pieces with dimensions obtained at the measuring process are nested on the slabs, choosing the best solution for stone pattern and veining.


It is important to understand that a perfect vein-matching result may require up to 50% more material. For example, if the job would fit on four slabs, in order to have a perfect vein match, 6 slabs may be required. That is very rarely done, because it is not reasonable to waste so much material and have a high cost of the final product. Normally we match the pattern as well as possible within the reasonable amount of material spent on the project. Sometimes the material nesting result is over confirmed with the customer.

The average waste of material per project is 30%. With a perfect vein match the waste could be doubled. We work very carefully on the layout of each project in order to save the material and customers money. Our procurement specialist is often looking for the most suitable dimension of the slabs among suppliers in order to execute the project in the most economic way.