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Curved & rounded solutions

Curved and rounded solutions are intended for a person who appreciates luxury and welcomes a piece of grandeur in life. We use the technology of gluing together stone parts from sectors, and we are ready to find solutions for the material you prefer.


Whether it’s a modern stone staircase, a bar counter with curved corners or a luxurious curved stone wall, we know how to fabricate stone to create the perfect shape for your interior. We use the technology of gluing stone parts from sectors and this is how the curved, concave and round shapes are born.

The technology for making round shapes is different for each material. Quartzite, for example, is a very hard material and grinding its surface is difficult. Also, it is not possible to grind the ceramic surface, as the pattern is not continuous. These materials do not form a perfectly round shape, but small corners instead. It is much easier to create creative solutions with marble, limestone, travertine and engineered stone.