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Villa in Stockholm

In this villa Bianco Carrara marble is used in one bathroom and Caesarstone Moorland Fog engineered stone is used in another bathroom. What can be better than custom made marble walls – cut from slabs exactly for the shape of your room. Any shelves, niches – you can have anything you like made from marble.



Stockholm, Sweden


Villas & Apartements

Technical solutions

Stone carpet
Special profiling
Stone sinks
Stone cornices
Marble shelves
Large format stone panels




In marble bathroom the Bianco Carrara block itself was truly lucky, because it has a very white background and a distinctive sharp pattern. The brass bath is like a gem in this room. Floor is carried our in classic marble mosaic.

In Caesarstone covered bathroom the unique combination of modern and modern classic elements make the space especially attractive. Instead of seam there are thin stone strips on the wall that create interesting frames, same style followed thorough the bathroom interior. ⁠There are also custom profiled cornices and the shower are has a LED lighting.

In kitchen is also Caesarstone engineered stone (Turbine Grey) which has a look and feeling very similar to natural granite. A very high quality solid wood kitchen furniture – tailor-made and cozy.⁠ Just look at these fabulous cabinets and the colour play of gentle painted green with natural wood. The combination with stone is always as cast.⁠

A bespoke stone sink by us and an elegant stone cover for the small sink.⁠ The classic edge profile is a bespoke work cnc & handicraft combined ⚒️💎

Stones used in the project