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Villa in Merivälja

This kitchen illustrates a balanced combination of stone and wood, providing the most practical value to owners.⁠ This is an easy to clean, care free kitchen.


Cooperation with

Dez Interiors, Linda Astal


Tallinn, Estonia


Villas & Apartements


Konstantin Tatar

The use of stone materials is balanced with natural veneer panels on kitchen furniture and a matching parquet. The velvet chairs and stately curtains add even more coziness 🌸⁠ Kitchen countertops are made in engineered stone Silestone Ariel.⁠

⁠Fireplace floor is made in Dekton Aeris – never worry about a thermal shock or a scratch! Fireplace itself, dining table and kitchen floor are made in ceramics.⁠


Today we are used to see marble patterns on various ceramic materials and engineered stones. ⁠
Do you imagine that a less than ten years ago those technologies were not available? Quartz stones and large-format ceramics had uniform colours and grainy patterns – no marble-like veins!⁠ Now marble patterns on ceramics are hardly distinctive from real marble. They provide versatility of colours and patterns, stable quality and availability, predictive fabrication process. No doubt the technology has made a leap and the results are incredible.⁠

Interestingly, this has only increased the value of real marble and despite there are many alternatives, the demand for natural marble is also higher than ever!⁠

Stairs are made in natural Fior di Bosco marble. Can keep looking at its versatile veins, spots and colors forever!

Stones used in the project