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Villa Kelvingi

In this villa project interior stone is one of main players. Many things apart from furniture and stone were produced custom made for this luxury villa – also carpets, lighting and mosaic pictures for bathroom wall decoration.


Cooperation with

Ako-In, interior architect Alesja Kovalenko


Viimsi, Estonia


Villas & Apartements


Sergei Zjuganov

Technical solutions

Special profiling
Stone carpet
Back-lit solution and LED-lit cubes
Crafted custom fireplace
Stone staircase with custom crafted and curved handrail
Stone covered furniture
Large panel marble and granite walls
Marble door surrounds
Marble plinths and cornices with extra special profiles
Custom stone sinks
Exotic materials


For us the most time consuming was installation of floor cornices and making invisible seams to all connections, because the building had many corners and we hand hundreds of profiled cornice details that needed to be perfectly matched by our craftsmen. Honestly, we spent months working on this villa, it felt endless like building an Egiptian pyramide. Such projects don’t happen every day, but when they do, we can fully express our Stone Instinct fulfilling them.

Stones used in the project