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Lee Restaurant

LEE is a word describing the ancient Estonian communal fireplace around which life would vividly simmer and crackle, a place to prepare and share delicious meals. Marit’s task was to create a fresh and cosmopolitan yet warm atmosphere that would harmonize with natural ingredients and food. Perfect balance between crystals and wood, with a touch of custom mirrors and furniture classics like Finn Juhl Reading Chairs.




Cooperation with

Marit Ilison Creative Atelier


Tallinn, Estonia


Restaurants, bars & bakeries

Technical solutions

Stone measured and milled in zig-zag according to wooden wall

Lee’s owners, Kristjan Peäske and Janno Lepik, had been running well recognized Leib resto for ten years when the worldwide pandemic gave them an opportunity to start fresh. Lee restaurant is located in Tallinn Old Town, in the house of Scottish Club and the previous atmosphere was dark and outdated.

Stones used in the project