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Adoryal Hotel

Adoryal Hotel has made an impressive lobby with much natural stone used as marble covered elevator surrounds, granite reception desks and marble flooring.






Tallinn, Estonia


Hotels & Spas


Konstantin Tatar

Technical solutions

Elevator surround
Reception desk
Miter edge
Thick stone
Stone furniture

The Adoryal Hotel reopened in April 2022. This is a new hotel with a great location in the immediate vicinity of the Port of Tallinn and the Old Town of Tallinn. Although the hotel is located in a densely populated city center, you should not worry about peace and quiet, you will have a wonderful holiday in the heart of the city center but away from the city noise. The main advantage of the hotel is the richness of views, which includes views of the Old Town, the Port of Tallinn and the sea. The Adoryal Hotel’s ideal location offers both quiet time for yourself and all the comforts of city life. When you enter the hotel, interior of the lobby area and welcoming by a receptionist make the first impression of the entire business. Probably human touch is even more important that interior, but nowadays we get less and less of personal service which is substituted with automatic check ins.

On the other hand, how much faster, simpler and private this has made our check ins and how much of the “quality personal contact” we used to have anyway? Wasn’t it more like standing in a line, tired and angry, waiting to fill some bureaucratic paperwork. Now we appreciate more if the apps or codes function well enough that we don’t perceive going through the steps, it needs to be an “invisible helping hand”. So interior is often the only thing that leaves the first impression. Is it beautiful, are there high quality materials, is it clean, are the lighting, temperature and smell pleasant. Is it cozy and inviting, intuitive to get around independently? All those aspects are perceived within a few minutes upon arrival.

Stones used in the project