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Proseal stone impregnator€ 40

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    Stone care products
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  • Size
    1 L


Natural effect impregnator sealer. Its high penetration capacity and resistance to weathering make it ideal for high and long-lasting protection of surfaces.

  • Long-lasting high protection
  • Ideal for large areas
  • Antigraffiti
  • Does not create surface film
  • Allows the material to breathe
  • Weather resistant

The product must be evenly applied on dry and clean stone surface. The presence of water, dust or dirt may affect the uniformity of the surface. Spread the product with a clean cloth. Use the right amount of product which the material can naturally absorb. After few minutes, dry the surface with a cloth. The excess product may create a superficial sticky films, so the excess must be removed immediately after the application. We suggest to repeat this treatment after 10-15 minutes from the first application. The effect of anti stain will be achieved after 24 hours from the treatment. In case of floor application, do not walk on the surface before. IMPORTANT: when a surface is treated for the first time, test Proseal on a small hidden part for testing the effect. After usage, close the tins well sealed.

Coverage with 1 liter of product:

  • surfaces with high porosity: 20-30 m2
  • surfaces with low porosity: 30-40 m2

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