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Cristallo600-1500 €/m2 depending on thickness

  • Type
  • Category
    Natural stones
  • Origin
  • Size
    280x160 cm depending on block size


Cristallo natural quartzite is a unique white stone with translucent crystalline structure. It may have delicate veining containing beige, brown and pinkish colours. The material may have natural rust ore inside the surface. The material is highly durable and heat resistant. It is very hard material and the weakest points are the edges that are sensitive against hitting. The material is often used with LED lights behind or under the stone. When lights are on, stone patterns and veining appear more dominant and dramatic while without light the stone is more calm. Cristallo is suitable as a kitchen worktop and vanity top as well as a decorative wall or furniture element in the interior. Commonly used thicjnesses are 20mm and 30mm; commonly used surfaces are polished and honed.

Cristallo quartzite can be in various colours: white, pink, blue, black and multicolor (veiny).

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