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U.S.P.H profiles

Stone worktops with U.S.P.H solutions are mostly used in bars, restaurants and kitchens on the cruise ships. That is because stone is an everlasting material, at the same time it has a huge variety of colours and patterns to make a distinctive interior design and it is possible to make highly hygienic solutions with it.


It is critically important to guarantee the cleanness of surfaces in contact with food, especially in public spaces where large volumes of people are involved. For ensuring best sanitary conditions, U.S.P.H standard was developed and it is widely used on cruise ships and generally in public sector.

Stone surface itself is nearly non-porous and the bacteria does not live on stone. Despite marble being among the most porous stone materials, for example Bianco Carrara marble is used in kitchens and pizzerias all over the world and is recognised for its antibacterial properties.

Taking a step forward towards exceptional cleanness, we have mastered our skills in fabrication of U.S.P.H profile solutions. One technology is used for natural and engineered stone, another technology is used for sintered stone and ceramics.

The purpose of the U.S.P.H profile is that the bacteria cannot gather into the corners and connection seams between the worktop and backsplash. The radius in case of natural stone or the angle in case of the sintered stone allow easy cleaning and maintenance. Why not use this solution more outside the marine sector – at restaurant waiter stations or why not even at homes.