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Integrated stone sinks

Integrated stone sinks are made from the same material as the countertop. These bespoke sinks are a hit because they look irresistible. Each sink is custom made, can be made from any material, with any dimension, design and accessories that the customer likes.


Kitchen sinks

1. Sinks from natural stone

Natural stone sinks can be made undermounted; connected in 45 degrees (invisible connection) and farm sink type. Natural stone sinks and engineered stone sinks bases are in one piece, milled and finished.

2. Sinks from ceramics or sintered stone

Sink bases from ceramic materials (Dekton, Laminam or other) are made in four sectors as you cannot polish the surface of a ceramic material to achieve an inclined sink base so the water goes away. For ceramic sinks it is also possible to use a stainless steel sink base.

3. Stainless steel base for sinks

Sometimes customer prefers a so called hybrid sink that is made of stone with attached stainless steel sink base. Metal overflow caps are usually not attached as a stone gap tends to look more appealing.

Every kitchen sink is custom made in our factory specially for you. You can choose any material, dimension and design that fits with your furniture solution. Kitchen sinks have usually quite standard designs, but with bathroom sinks we can get more creative.

Bathroom sinks

1. Classic sinks

Bathroom sinks are often ca 200 mm high “stone boxes” that are fixed to the wall. There can be one or two sinks in the worktop. The sinks and worktops can be any dimension and shape.

Bathroom sinks with visible bottom valves of various colours, pop-up or normal type.
We can also make bottom valves in stone, this is also possible for a pop-up model.
Please note that stone is fragile and an expensive custom-made stone bottom valve will need to be handled carefully.

Welcome to our boutique of valves.

2. Hidden drain sinks

Often bathroom sink bottoms are covered with inclined stone plate or “hidden” drainage. Designs vary.

3. Free standing bathroom sinks

When cabinets are not needed and design is in focus, various solutions of free standing stone sinks can be created. These are very popular in hotels and cruise ships, but also in villas where storage space is not limited.

4. Farm sink type

Farm sinks can also be made in stone. Check out how you like these custom hand-crafted solutions!

5. Sinks with rounded corners

Marmi Futerno team has developed a glued sink with rounded corners. This solution requires much more work hours and is more expensive than the sink solution with sharp corners. Ask your project manager if this solution is suitable for your project and possible to make in stone material that you have chosen. Results and price depends on the stone. The solution works best with marble.

6. Bottom valves with stone cap

A stone cap can be made to cover the bottom valve. This is a bespoke solution and is quite fragile.

Get inspired by our standard bottom valves.

7. Custom design sinks

In addition to solutions listed above, it is also possible to create new designs for sinks. We will help to find a technical solution on how to produce a custom sink with one of a kind special design.