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Restaurant Vete-Katten

Vete-Katten is a chain of shops-bakeries with a century old history. In addition to their special buns and cakes, they also serve fresh salads, sandwiches, soups and hot meals. We know that the owners choose best not only when it comes to flour, coffee beans and foodstuffs to create delicacies, but also when it comes to interior of their restaurants.


Cooperation with

Lerch Träinredningar


Stockholm, Sweden


Restaurants, bars & bakeries


Konstantin Tatar

Technical solutions

Special profiling

Year after year, they stay true to the same partners who help bring the projects to life. Most crafty and valued furniture makers are the authors of the fine furniture of each restaurant. Stone is among most expensive materials in the world and each restaurant always has it. Bianco Carrara is a traditional material for pastries and pizzerias due to its antibacterial properties and it is believed to be the best surface to knead the dough on.

Through our furniture partners, we have supplied stones to Vete-Katten restaurants for more years than our production plan history can show. We hope that this amazing business will thrive and our cooperation continues for decades ahead. Vete-Katten bakeries welcome you from early mornings to late evenings. “Behind our store and restaurant there is an area that is larger than you might think. A maze of corridors, rooms, stairs and culverts crosses the old turn-of-the-century building. Here, bakers, confectioners, chefs, pantry chefs and serving staff rush back and forth with troughs, piles of dough and trays, just as they have done for almost a century.”

Stones used in the project