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Dönhoff Residence

Dönhoff Residence was our second hotel project with the owner who is a big fan of natural stone. This time, nearly everything possible was covered with beautiful stones – stairs, floors, window boards, bathroom floors and walls, bathroom sinks, sauna walls, kitchen worktops, vanity tops, sideboards and coffee tables.





Cooperation with

Dönhoff Residence


Pärnu, Estonia


Hotels & Spas


Sergei Zjuganov

Technical solutions

Stone sinks
Stone walls and floors
Special profiling
Hotel furniture
Stone tables

We believe the amount of stone was just right to create luxury and festive atmosphere. Nothing feels better than tipping barefoot on heated marble floors after taking a bath or showering while surrounded by 200 million years old natural stone. In Dönhoff Residence every detail has been thought through to provide that to their guests. And we have but our hearts in it while using the very premium materials found on Earth.

Each room has a distinctive interior and a different stone. It is because we used a lot of “stone stock leftovers” that are exactly as good as “specially ordered” stones, but much less footprint for using what is already available.

Pärnu is not a business destination for a quick sleepover and back to work. So while coming to this green and cozy town, we look to experience something  special and to spoil ourselves a bit, to have a relaxing time.

Stones used in the project