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Rosa Portogallo350-490 €/m2

  • Type
  • Category
    Natural stones
  • Origin
  • Size
    2600x1400 depending on block size


Rosa Portogallo marble is a precious natural stone characterized by a delicate pale pink color. Rosa Portogallo marble is usually available in various color tones that go from salmon to cream. The typical colour palette is rather antique pink than bright pink. The structure and veining can vary a lot depending on the block. It can be white veins, hazelnut veins or even black veins and spot. The more clean surface and deep pink, the more rare is the materials. Characterised by elegance and refinement, this marble is used for bathrooms and kitchen tops, decorations and furniture, even jewelry and luxury facings.  Commonly used surfaces are polished and honed. Commonly used thickness is 20 mm. Rosa Portogallo is also known by Rosa Estremoz and Rosa Aurora. Marble is a sensitive material that can scratch and stain. It is necessary to impregnate marble worktops.

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