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Meridian Blue410-580 €/m2

  • Type
  • Category
    Natural stones
  • Origin
  • Size
    300x180 cm depending on block size


Meridian Blue is a natural quartzite with greyish blue background and darker grey or greenish veins. Each stone block has its own pattern and character, due to which slabs can have a different appearance. The veins are usually thing and diagonal. Rarely the blocks are actually blue as the name states, it rather has a shade on blue.

Used for: flooring, wall panels, kitchen countertops, vanity tops, interior, table tops, fireplaces, interior decoration, window sills, stairs. Impregnation with stone care product is recommended, but not necessary as the stone is very resistant and does not scratch or stain. Commonly used surfaces: honed, polished. Commonly used thicknesses: 20 mm, 30 mm.


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