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Basket for stone kitchen sink125-165 €

  • Type
    Stone sinks
  • Category
  • Origin
  • Size
    90 mm


Your custom stone sink hand crafted by Marmi Futerno, deserves a high quality Italian basket which perfectly matches your interior and preference.

Gold, Copper, Cromo, Anthracite, Iron or English bronze with pearl, satin or bright finish.

It has a square overflow opening and at Marmi Futerno we do not add a metal part of the overflow to the stone sink, but leave a delicate gap in the stone for overflow water.

Each stone sink by Marmi Futerno comes with a high quality bottom valve and overflow kit by an esteemed Italian manufacturer.

Additional pipes for connecting the sink are EU standard and your plumber will easily find a solution.

If you do not have a colour preference for your bottom valve, a standard Cromo colour will be used.

Additionally, you can order a metal cap or a custom made stone cap for covering your bottom valve.

NB! These are bottom valves for kitchen sinks. For selection of bottom valves for bathroom sinks, please navigate further.

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