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Azul Olive MattPrice on request

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Series Azul Olive is a porcelain stoneware inspired by the very popular Portuguese limestone Azul Valverde. The stone is a well-known classic that is used all over Europe on floors and walls and as countertops.

Series Azul Olive varies in grey-brown shades with fossil-like details. The material can withstand high wear from both acids and kitchen utensils. Withstands high temperatures and harsh cleaners without being affected

Porcelain stoneware is industrially made from natural raw materials, mainly consisting of finely ground feldspar, sand and clay.
The material is dry-pressed under high pressure and then fired at high temperatures. The result is an extremely durable material we call porcelain stoneware!
The material can withstand strong cleaning agents, acids and foods as well as high wear from both pedestrian traffic and kitchen utensils.
Fits most surfaces in home environments as well as public spaces and surfaces.

Thickness: 12mm

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