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Environment & Sustainability

We care about our surroundings and protect nature as much as possible. Our environmental policy states that no production waste leaves our factory in a manner that may damage the environment.


Throughout the different steps in the production process, the waste we generate is reused or recycled. Unused stone is either crushed and sold for decoration or construction purposes or else sold to concrete or terrazzo makers.

Water is a key element in stone fabrication – every processing we do, large amount of water is required both for machine and handicraft work. Dusty water and dry stone dust are byproducts of stone production. We collect the waste water, filter out the dust and keep the reused water cycling. The extracted dust is dried, pressed and collected into Big Bags for reuse in other industries like cement production.

As for the stone remnants, we always look for collaboration with designers in order to use the stone for making smaller products like coffee tables or other furniture elements. More often, though, stone ends up being crushed into small pieces and then be reused as a filler on construction sites.

A precise trash-sorting system is implemented in every area of our production. We sort everything that is left over from everyday work – package, wood, metal and hazardous waste such as silicon and glue tubes.
The new factory building that is being built features solar panels and an experimental product that is meant to save energy on heating, cooling and cleaning the air.

By using stone we are taking something from Nature. It is important for us to do it in
a respectful and responsible way and keep our footprint as small as possible.

For that reason, we work only with selected stone suppliers in Italy who share the same values about ethics and the environment. We sell the highest quality stones that have passed through a correct production process without “cutting corners” to make a cheaper product.

We acknowledge stone is a highly valuable premium product and meant for lifetime use. Not everyone must have stone and not every place must be decorated with stone. We don’t believe in sustainability of mass production at low cost.