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Natural stone:  marble, granite, quartzite, limestone, onyx, slate, travertines.
Engineered stone:  silestone, dekton.

Natural stone samples


Marble Crema Marfil
Crema Marfil
Marble Emperador Gold
Emperador Gold
Marble Grand Antique
Grand Antique
Marble Grecale Brown
Grecale Brown
Marble Grigio Carnico
Grigio Carnico
Marble Nero St Laurent
Nero St Laurent
Marble Rosso Barocco
Rosso Barocco
Marble Rosso Lepanto
Rosso Lepanto
Marble Silver Wave
Silver Wave
Marble Bianco Thassos
Bianco Thassos
Marble Calacatta Caldia
Calacatta Caldia
Marble Arabescato Vagli
Arabescato Vagli
Marble Statuario Venato
Statuario Venato
Marble Giallo Siena
Giallo Siena
Marble Bardiglio Imperiale
Bardiglio Imperiale
Marble Black Gold
Black Gold
Marble Nero Portoro
Nero Portoro
Marble Bianco Carrara C
Bianco Carrara C
Marble Bianco Carrara CD
Bianco Carrara CD
Marble Daino Reale
Daino Reale
Marble Botticino Classico
Botticino Classico
Marble Crema Valencia
Crema Valencia
Marble Emperador Dark
Emperador Dark
Marble Rainforest Brown
Rainforest Brown
Marble Rainforest Green
Rainforest Green
Marble Verde Guatemala
Verde Guatemala
Marble Rosso Verona
Rosso Verona
Marble Nero Marquina
Nero Marquina


Granite Amazonite
Granite Azul Macaubas
Azul Macaubas
Granite Azul Bahia
Azul Bahia
Granite Brown Antique
Brown Antique
Granite Brown Silk
Brown Silk
Granite Delicatus White
Delicatus White
Granite Lemurian Blue
Lemurian Blue
Granite Labrador Antique
Labrador Antique
Granite Costa Smeralda
Costa Smeralda
Granite Capolavoro
Granite Black Fusion
Black Fusion
Granite Delicatos Cream
Delicatos Cream
Granite Golden Persia
Golden Persia
Granite Azul Aran
Azul Aran
Granite Nero Assoluto
Nero Assoluto
Granite Nero Assoluto Honed
Nero Assoluto Honed
Granite Nero Assoluto Leather
Nero Assoluto Leather
Granite Nero Assoluto Wire Brushed
Nero Assoluto Wire Brushed
Granite Star Galaxy
Star Galaxy
Granite Stargate
Granite Angola Black
Angola Black
Granite Via Lattea
Via Lattea
Granite Black Cosmic
Black Cosmic
Granite Matrix Motion
Matrix Motion
Granite Nero Marinace
Nero Marinace
Granite Nero Impala
Nero Impala
Granite Steel Grey
Steel Grey
Granite Bohus Grey
Bohus Grey
Granite Azul Platino
Azul Platino
Granite Serizzo
Granite Cafe Imperial
Cafe Imperial
Granite Baltic Brown
Baltic Brown
Granite Tan Brown
Tan Brown
Granite Ivory Brown
Ivory Brown
Granite Juparana Colombo
Juparana Colombo
Granite Paradiso Bach
Paradiso Bach
Granite Arctic Cream
Arctic Cream
Granite Colonial Gold
Colonial Gold
Granite Giallo Cecilia
Giallo Cecilia
Granite Balmoral Red
Balmoral Red
Granite Imperial Red
Imperial Red
Granite Magma Gold
Magma Gold
Granite Multicolor Red
Multicolor Red
Granite Olive Green
Olive Green
Granite Eucalipto
Granite Verde Bahia
Verde Bahia
Granite Emerald Pearl
Emerald Pearl
Granite Blue Pearl
Blue Pearl
Granite Blue Volga
Blue Volga
Granite Vizag Blue
Vizag Blue
Granite Imperial White
Imperial White
Granite Bianco Sardo
Bianco Sardo
Granite Verde San Francisco
Verde San Francisco
Granite Viscount White
Viscount White


Quartzite African Fusion
African Fusion
Quartzite Calcite Blu Extra
Calcite Blu Extra
Quartzite Elbrus
Quartzite Elegant Brown
Elegant Brown
Quartzite Emerald Quartzite
Emerald Quartzite
Quartzite Illusion
Quartzite Infinity
Quartzite Portorose
Quartzite Quarzite Acqua
Quarzite Acqua
Quartzite Super White
Super White
Quartzite Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal
Quartzite Verde Fantastico
Verde Fantastico
Quartzite Sequoia Brown
Sequoia Brown


Limestone Azul Valverde
Azul Valverde
Limestone Moka Creme
Moka Creme
Limestone Reval Antique
Reval Antique
Limestone Soapstone
Limestone Vratza
Limestone Fossil Etrusco
Fossil Etrusco
Limestone Jura Grey
Jura Grey


Onyx Onice Arco Iris
Onice Arco Iris
Onyx Onice Fantastico
Onice Fantastico
Onyx Onice Smeraldo
Onice Smeraldo
Onyx Onice Rosa
Onice Rosa
Onyx Onice Bianco
Onice Bianco
Onyx Onice Cappucciono
Onice Cappucciono
Onyx Onice Miele
Onice Miele
Onyx Onice Verde
Onice Verde


Slate Ardesia Nera
Ardesia Nera
Slate Green
Slate Grey
Slate Yellow
Slate Offerdal Skiffer
Offerdal Skiffer


Travertines Brown Silver
Brown Silver
Travertines Classico
Travertines Giallo
Travertines Navona
Travertines Noce
Travertines Rosso
Travertines Silver
Travertines Travertino
Travertines Travertino Classico
Travertino Classico

Engineered stone samples

Engineered stone by Cosentino©

Ordering process

Marmi Futerno guarantees the highest quality of marble and granite materials and first class fabricating quality of custom products. Order is completed based on exact drawing and as common practice measures are taken by representative of Marmi Futerno in order to ensure our full responsibility for the product. Customer only needs to choose the most liked stone and form the task for production to us.

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