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Stainless steel and silgranit sinks

While ordering a granite or marble kitchen top, you definitely need a high quality sink. We offer stainless steel or silgranit sinks and mixers by our partners. Marmi Futerno recommends Blanco sinks for its quality, durability, and design. You will find abundant choice of beautiful sinks and taps below. Our dear customers get pleasant discounts for these products!


Cabinet 600 mm

Teka Linea
500x400 R15

200 €

Blanco Andano 500U
500x400 R22

320 €

Blanco Supra 500U
500x400 R60

250 €

Blanco Claron 500U
500x400, R10

460 €

Blanco Subline 500U
500x400, silgranit

430 €

Blanco Andano 500IF
500x400 R22

360 €

Blanco Claron 500IF
500x400 R10

560 €

Cabinet 800 mm

Blanco Supra 340/340 U
715x400 R60, double sink

320 €

Blanco Andano 340/340 U
715x400 R22, double sink

598 €

Blanco Andano 700U
700x400 R22, single sink

460 €

Blanco Andano 700IF
740x440 R22

510 €

Blanco Claron 700IF
740x440 R10

630 €

Small sinks 180 mm, 340 mm and 400 mm

Blanco Andano 180 U
180x400 R22

260 €

Blanco Andano 340 U
340x400 R22

280 €

Blanco Andano 400 U
400x400, R22

290 €

Many more models are available. Ask for an offer! Please visit Skanco website, choose your sink and let us know.

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Ordering process

Marmi Futerno guarantees the highest quality of marble and granite materials and first class fabricating quality of custom products. Order is completed based on exact drawing and as common practice measures are taken by representative of Marmi Futerno in order to ensure our full responsibility for the product. Customer only needs to choose the most liked stone and form the task for production to us.

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